There are literally thousands and thousands of themes available for WordPress, and making sense of if can be overwhelming even for experienced WordPress users. Below is a selection of the most popular WordPress theme developers and vendors. Feel free to contact me for more assistance in selecting, purchasing or installing a theme.


Themeforest incorporates themes from lots of developers so it can be a bit hit or miss. Some of the themes here are excellent, while others are (to be polite) not so excellent. That said, if you are willing to sift through the masses of themes here, it is definitely worth a look. Again, each theme should have a demo that you can check out for a better look, along with reviews and comments that will give you an indication of how popular each theme is.

StudioPress – Genesis Framework

Studiopress make the very reliable “Genesis framework” for WordPress websites with sound coding and great customer support. The Genesis framework provides a solid, well-supported base for your website and is well respected within the WordPress community as being one of the most reliable and versatile frameworks. As a result of its popularity there are many benefits to Genesis, as there are lots of themes, plugins, and support forums that will all aid in the creation of a great website.

StudioPress – Genesis Child Themes

Once the Genesis framework is installed, you can then install one of dozens of “child themes” that all work on the same platform, but provide a range of different looks and feels. When you visit their site, you can browse the various themes, and click on “See details and pricing” links to get more information about each theme. From each theme’s details and pricing page, you can then click on the “Theme Demo” link, which will launch a new tab where you can see a demo site of the theme in action.


WooThemes is another well respected premium theme and plugin developer within the WordPress community. Built on the WooFramework, they are well coded and reliable and backed by solid support and forums. Although they are largely known for their e-commerce themes and the powerful WooCommerce plugin, they do much more than just that. Much like the other theme developers’ websites, you can navigate to the various theme demos for a better look at how they all work.


ZigZagPress also make Genesis child themes, many of which are Portfolio themes designed for visual media, but there are themes for eStores and many other applications. Stylistically speaking, these are very nice, clean designs and the coding is just as solid as Studiopress. Like the Studiopress Genesis child themes, ZigZagPress themes do require you to have the Genesis framework installed first. is home to about 2000 free themes created by WordPress developers around the world. There are many excellent themes here are, but there are also many outdated themes that will not be compatible with more recent versions of WordPress. Many free themes do not have the benefit of reliable coding or substantial support should things go wrong, so my general advice is to choose carefully and, if possible, go with a premium (i.e. paid) theme.

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Quick & Easy

Even though many fixes can be done quickly, there is definitely a limit to what can be achieved in 15 minutes, an hour or even 5 hours! Given the unique nature of each site and each issue, it is impossible to itemise every scenario here, however below is an indication of the most common type of tasks included and those not included in our Quick & Easy plan.

INCLUDED(NOT a complete list!)

£ 15

Per task

  • Small design, style and CSS changes
  • Small graphic editing
  • Quick theme/plugin configurations
  • Plugin modifications
  • Small HTML changes
  • Forms fixes and modifications
  • WordPress version updates


£ 15

Per task

  • Responsive design
  • Complicated WP plugin development
  • Move WordPress site to another web host
  • Theme Installation/Setup
  • Unknown, undetermined or poorly specified fixes

What if I’m unsure or I got it wrong?

Have no fear… every order is moderated. If you end up asking for too much (which is not encouraged as it will slow down the experience) we will contact you and advise you how to edit it down, or if you still need the task done as requested we will advise you of the extra time and cost required to deliver it.