Unless you’ve done it before, moving a WordPress website can be a tricky proposition. Perhaps you are just changing your site’s domain name or moving it to a different directory on your web server, or maybe you are moving it from one web host to another. Different situations call for different processes, but all should be undertaken with care.

The first step with any move is to backup your site before attempting anything.

The second step would be to make sure you have completed step 1.

If you are feeling brave, there are some helpful articles out there which will guide you through the process:

If you would prefer to let someone else do it, by all means, drop me a line.


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Quick & Easy

Even though many fixes can be done quickly, there is definitely a limit to what can be achieved in 15 minutes, an hour or even 5 hours! Given the unique nature of each site and each issue, it is impossible to itemise every scenario here, however below is an indication of the most common type of tasks included and those not included in our Quick & Easy plan.

INCLUDED(NOT a complete list!)

£ 15

Per task

  • Small design, style and CSS changes
  • Small graphic editing
  • Quick theme/plugin configurations
  • Plugin modifications
  • Small HTML changes
  • Forms fixes and modifications
  • WordPress version updates


£ 15

Per task

  • Responsive design
  • Complicated WP plugin development
  • Move WordPress site to another web host
  • Theme Installation/Setup
  • Unknown, undetermined or poorly specified fixes

What if I’m unsure or I got it wrong?

Have no fear… every order is moderated. If you end up asking for too much (which is not encouraged as it will slow down the experience) we will contact you and advise you how to edit it down, or if you still need the task done as requested we will advise you of the extra time and cost required to deliver it.